Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hitting My Stride at 45

As I celebrate my 45th birthday today it feels great to finally be certain that I am focusing on something I am extremely passionate about. It took me some time to get to this place but better late than never.

Shout out to the craft beer industry for having the "fire in the belly" (unless it is due to a late night craving for wings) and providing me with the spark to make a serious change to my career path. It's not just the great product you create everyday, but it is also about the passion, the "can-do" attitude, and the open-mindedness that exudes from the industry. Other industries and systems should aspire to mimic the craft beer model.


PS: Shout out to my lovely and patient wife for putting up with me and supporting my change.


  1. Cheers! And happy birthday! Loving the site and looking forward to watching it develop.

  2. Thanks Pete. It's been great watching your own craft beer passion evolve. You are gonna go far my friend.