Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden State Craft Beer Expo

Live blogging the Garden State Beer Expo at PNC Bank Arts Center.

I did a last minute upgrade to VIP because it would've been another half hour wait and I was too thirsty.

OK, hitting the general area vendors for a few samples and food before the masses arrive.

Having some Rickshaw dumplings and sesame noodle salad. Yum!

Stand out beers so far-

- Beach Haus Kickback Ale

- Kane Overhead

Here come the masses!

Now having a Carton 077XX. Look at that head. Hop heads will love this but also a nice viscous creaminess.

Emergency snacks necklace. Great idea! Love to find one with soft pretzels!

The Uinta Crooked Cockeyed Cooper is scrumptious. Sooo creamy. Sooo malty! It is a bourbon barrel aged barley wine...and I do not tend to like barley wines.

Got some "sweet" advice for brewing with fruit from Celebrating the Suds. Thanks guys! Will look you up. **Monday morning update-

Upgraded to the VIP area earlier. Let's check it out.

Some snacks n sliders. That's it for food. Great Divide Colette and Expresso Oak Aged Yeti at one station. Also Ballast Point Limited Sea Monster, Abita Select, Allagash Curieux, and a Sixpoint which goes unlabeled and bartender not sure. He thinks it is Columbus. Perhaps this one could be a blog contest? **Monday morning update- it is confirmed to be Columbus so no contest.

Still the sexiest bottle in the biz! Orval. I have the bottle of my first Orval from about 20 years ago.

A deeb a deeb. That's all folks! Finishing up with a Beach Haus Pilsner . My fave Pilsner these days. The mouthfeel is what makes it extra special. Try one.

There is a moon in this pic
Good night.

Wait! I'm not done. One final thought.

Typically you think of a Beach Haus as a seasonal thing. Well, with their Pilsner and Kick Back Ale you can visit the Beach Haus all year long. Just bring the food and linens.

One final final thought. Cockeyed Cooper gets my vote as best beer this event. But I am a malt head so it goes without saying.

**Final Monday Morning Update- Got to hang a bit with Mike K., founder of NJCB. They are doing some great things for the awareness of craft beer in the Garden State! Get your NJCB club cards people!

Overall, it seemed well organized. Lines were never too long of a wait...even for the porta-potties. And the port-potties were clean, even after the earlier day session. Good selection of beer and food. I thoroughly enjoyed every beer I sampled tonight. A great event for a craft beer fan to stay local and enjoy a beautiful Saturday night in the Garden State.

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