Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Bryggeriet Djævlebryg Experience

I could not wait to meet the guys behind Bryggeriet Djævlebryg at The Festival US to share with them my unique first experience with one of their beers.

I introduced myself to Per Olaf and began to tell him the story. I also proposed to Per Olaf that he participate in my Craft You interview series, which can be read here-

The Story

I used to work for a Danish pharmaceutical company so I traveled often to Copenhagen for a time. Being a craft beer and import beer fan I knew to research good bars and restaurants for great beer before embarking upon that first trip.

I discovered a place called Den Tatoverede Enke (The Tattooed Widow). It is a Belgian themed beer restaurant and pub that quickly became my "go-to" place on every trip. Strangely enough I have never made it upstairs to the restaurant portion but I hear good things about the incorporation of beer into all of the menu items. I loved the intimacy of the pub and being able to talk to the bartenders about beer and scotch. We had an ongoing debate on the merits of Highland malt as opposed to Islay malt. They seem to prefer Islay. I like Highland.

One night I took up residence in my usual corner of the bar on a slow weekday evening. A chef emerges from the kitchen behind the bar with a tray of what look to be dark chocolate candy. He proceeds to walk amongst the pub patrons, offering a sample.

I receive one and that first bite just blew me away! What a deep and savory smoky, caramely, toffee-like center in the chocolate! I anxiously summon the bartender over to ask him what I am enjoying. He points to one of the gleaming taps as if to indicate this decadent morsel has something to do with a beer that is on tap.

The center of the chocolate in fact was a reduction of Bryggeriet Djævlebryg's Nekron Stout. As I savored every last bit of that treat I ordered a glass of the beer. Up until that time, it was the most impressive beer I had experienced and the only beer I have posted a review of on

So my first experience with Bryggeriet Djævlebryg was a dark chocolate covered toffee made from Nekron Stout.

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  1. Feedback from Per Olaf Huusfeldt via email-

    Hi Joe,

    Great story!