Friday, July 13, 2012

Worcester Sauced? The Pregame.

Not that I really care about "tying one on" anymore...because I really don't. It honestly is about the taste for craft beer. I wish I could get 4-6 oz. bottles for home so that I could just sample brews. But it's inevitable given this event this weekend- Over 70 world-renowned brewers bringing the most unique collection of 300 beers we may ever see.

So, it's inevitable that I start feeling like I am at least a couple of sheets to the wind at some point. This will by my first multi-session beer fest so I am a bit nervous about surviving it.

The festival has consumed my thoughts. So much so that last night I woke up with a DUI- dreaming under the influence. Symptoms include nervous anticipation, racing thoughts, excitement, and restlessness.

That's when the post title came to me.

Earlier last night I had tweeted about preparing for the fermented onslaught. I did some research to come up with a hangover prevention plan. I bought the weekend pass and I want to make sure I wake up Sunday feeling like going one more round before retreating back to my hotel room until Monday morning.

Here's the plan-

Saturday morning drive up- 
- oatmeal, OJ, yogurt, and brewer's yeast before leaving
- sip water along the way
- will try to avoid coffee but may have to have a small one as I am setting out by 7 AM
- an egg sandwich or 2 just before the fast food joints shut down breakfast ops

Saturday Sessions 1 and 2 and Sunday Session
- have a shelf stable milkbox right before I enter (I read that milk slows alcohol absorption)
- backpack will contain water and saltines that I will snack on and drink during the session
- for each sample I will fill my glass with an equal drink of water...maybe 2?
- eat a carb heavy treat from one of the food trucks

Between Sessions
- likely find some fast food for the heavy, coating effect (plus, it's what I will be craving at that point)
- perhaps a brewer's yeast and vitamin C booster

Before Bed
- a final fatty / cargo food
- brewer's yeast and Vitamin C booster
- tylenol (just in case)
- a sports drink

Sunday Morning
- egg sandwich or 2
- rinse and repeat

So, how do you prep for a multi-session beer fest? Any suggestions? Comment below.

So Did It Work? (7-13-12 update)

All I can say is that it seemed to work for me. At the very least, going into a multi-session beer fest with some plan of staving off debilitating headaches, nausea, and general malaise is always a good idea.

See a special note in my review of The Festival US, Session 3- The Pregame. Did it Work?

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