Friday, September 14, 2012

Consolidating Blogging Efforts

First, I want to thank all who have read my blog posts and followed this Blogger blog.

My initial sense was that I had two efforts that required separate blogs. It seems at this point it makes the most sense to consolidate all of my Craft Beer Coach work over on my Wordpress blog now that I have a much clearer idea of what I want Craft Beer Coach to be about.

Over on the Wordpress blog I will add a Page that will still focus on covering the human spirit of craft beer events. Any events I attend and blog about will be posted on the Wordpress blog going forward. By the way, I will be at GABF in a few weeks!

The Craft You Interview Series already resides over there.

I have also started a new approach to reviewing beers, with a particular focus on providing new and casual craft beer drinkers more meaningful and quantifiable information in an easy-to-read, table format.

So, you will find all of the same great content, plus some new content over at-

Make sure you change bookmarks or re-subscribe over there.

Life learning and other musings for what ales you. Craft beer lovers living lager than life!

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