Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life in East Beermany

So if you live in Jersey and love craft beer, you probably know about New Jersey Craft Beer. A virtual clearinghouse of all things craft beer in the Dirty Jersey, NJCB has its multiple fingers on the pulse of craft beer in the Garden State.

I am a card carrying member and I follow NJCB quite closely on Twitter. They are always tweeting about the latest craft beer devotee to join their discount club or to have a cool event. A bar here, a pub there…a chain of stores that has finally awoken to the beast that is craft beer.

All usually a minimum of 30 minutes away!

I've got to tell you, the tweets are like hearing all the great shit going on in West Beermany, that is verboten for me! It's like I am just inside the Eastern side of the wall and I can hear the descriptions of floral notes, frothy heads, and full mouthfeel amongst the clanging of beer steins while dancing around a maypole. Such is my life in East Beermany.

Each tweet is like East Beermany just slipping further and further into the past.

Mind you, I am only 35 miles Northwest of New York City. Every now and then, I travel into West Beermany to frolick among the fermented fervor but I eventually must return to East Beermany...with all of the excitement of the children in Monty Python's Meaning of Life scene where they are donated to scientific experiment. Sing along- Every beer is sacred...

I tell my fellow citizens of the flavorful craft beer out there but they just stare at me like a dog that's heard an interesting sound. They seem resigned to color changing cans, punch top cans, and bottles with less glug.

What craft beer we do have is relegated to an aisle or a few taps at a macro-focused bar or restaurant. It's like there is government control over the variety of flavorful, hop and malt-based beverages allowed to be sold to the citizens of East Beermany.

So organize a "Craftlift via the Craftwaffe" or drop some over the wall and send me the location via carrier pidgeon.

Please send help craft beer!

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