Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Proper Glass of Pliny the Elder

So, if you read the post about the Brooklyn Homebrew Tour you know that I had a shot at finally tasting this almost-fabled beer but came away with just a swig. Who knows how long it could've been before I had a second chance?

Well I did not have to wait too long afterall. A fellow Brooklyn Brewser read the post and just happened to have a bottle available. He invited me out to Brooklyn to get my Pliny on.

We met tonight at Beer Street. We stole off to the back of the store and were provided glassware by the proprietor.

After reading years of "hype" I came away quite impressed with Pliny the Elder. Its profile has been well documented so no need to go into a full review but I will share what impressed me so much.

The taste profile was rather complex in my opinion. I found the hops to be well balanced with a malty backbone. Only semi-dry with slight sweetness. Just a smidge of alcohol warmth and a tingly spicy finish that lingered. I liked that it did not finish with an intense hop bitterness.

Overall, very well balanced and definitely goes on the "drink again" list....if I can get it. There is no hype in this beer.

Now, any readers out there got a bottle they feel compelled to share?

And a huge thanks to Joe for reaching out to share his bottle with me. It was an incredibly nice gesture.

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