Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thanks to New Jersey Craft Beer, Samuel Merritt, and Morris Tap and Grill

Just a quick shout-out to the wonderful hosts of the Beer Sommelier training yesterday.

As someone who has decided to pursue his passion for the craft beer industry, the presentation of the training event provided me with my first significant step toward fulfilling that passion.

Samuel Merritt, of Samuel Merritt's Civilization of Beer, conducted a very informative and engaging presentation on the knowledge needed to take the Cicerone Certified Beer Server Exam. You can tell he really enjoys sharing his knowledge about great beer service. I feel much more prepared to take the exam.

New Jersey Craft Beer co-hosted the event and are to be commended for giving many craft beer lovers and industry workers (and a wine guy) such a great opportunity to learn much about great beer service in one concerted session. I hope there will be many more sessions like these, if not geared solely toward taking a certification exam, then just to bring people together to talk about industry developments. And many thanks for getting the NJ craft beer scene on the radar. As I shared with Mike and Os, I did not know so much was going on in the Garden State before NJCB came along.

Last but not least, a gracious thanks to Morris Tap and Grill for providing the venue...and for feeding us delicious food and slaking our thirst. I love the restaurant's rustic aesthetic and the incredible craft beer menu. My favorite discovery was sipping the Green Flash West Coast IPA just before a bite of the Braised Short Rib. Wow! The IPA made the short rib flavor really come alive! Go and try it for yourself.

One other thing. The craft beer community is a major reason for my change in career path. I am on a personal mission to immerse myself in positivity, innovation, and passion. The craft beer industry is a "Yes We Can" industry that is blazing a trail of innovation. And never before have I interacted with such a collaborative, passionate, positive and personable collective of people.


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  1. Thank you Joseph, it was our pleasure to co-host this event with Sam, NJCB and all of the attendees. It was great meeting people like you. Love the passion for beer!

    Liz Morris Tap & Grill